Oh the places I will go to avoid (dating) confrontation

Here is an entertaining story to lighten the mood from my last post.

I previously wrote about a guy from school who hit on me after I announced I was a slut. Well, this weekend I had to deal with the aftermath of this. Since I left the situation without answering either way, how was I now going to tell him flat out, N.O.?

I don’t date people from school? You know too much about me to start dating? Ok, so the mature thing to do would be to tell him that I just don’t like him. However, because I still have to see this guy in school and I sit next to him, I was very uncomfortable about telling him right out. Then I have to deal with it every single time I go to school.

So, I took the immature route.

During a lecture on sexuality, I decided to share that I am against marriage because I tried it and it didn’t work for me. (First thing he didn’t know about me: I am divorced)

Then I continued with how I feel objectified and taken advantage of by men, and that I have a lot of sexual issues. (setting the stage for the too-fucked-up-for-you drama). I then proceeded with how men like to abuse me and if I ever have sex again or settle down it will be with a woman. Game. Set. Match. He respectfully avoided me the rest of the day, and will most likely avoid talking to me as much as possible from now on.

Okay. I defeated the point of being honest. And I didn’t learn how to deal with my problems head on. But I gained an invaluable experience in labeling myself based on my sexuality. Even though it wasn’t true, I now have to wear this label, and feel the judgment of others burning into me. Not that I haven’t experienced that in other ways in my life. Sorry…starting to bring this story down as well. Make way for the apathy train coming through.

So, in the end, maybe I didn’t really learn anything except that I need to find better ways to deal with people I don’t like. And lucky for you, you get to read about the crazy lengths I will go to in order to avoid that kind of confrontation.

One thought on “Oh the places I will go to avoid (dating) confrontation

  1. Why not deal with your sexual issues? Get emotionally healthy and happy instead of putting on a fake persona? Be your true self and let other’s opinions be damned.

    We all have demons to deal with, the key is not to be victimized by your demons but to conquer them and in so insuring your joy and your triumphant life.

    blessings on you and yours
    John Wilder

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