Sluts have feelings too

I am in a clinical psych program, and in my classes we practice openess about sensitive personal subjects to others. During a recent class, I revealed I’ve lately been feeling used for sex.

Okay, I know what you’re thinking… Given the history of my posts, you may know I like to have sex, and I generally have an open and… well…”easy” attitude about sex. Despite this, I can feel used for sex as much as anyone. Or maybe more. Maybe that’s just how I handle my anxiety over this issue: I try to get the one up on the guy who might use me for sex by using him first. So yeah…the moral of my digression is sluts have feelings too.

Back to the story. In this particular class, I had a heartfelt pouring of my soul to the class, and it was cathartic. I felt good as I walked out of class and to my car. Until…I was cornered by a guy in my class.

He said lately he’s been hinting that he wanted to ask me out, didn’t I pick up on that? Umm…. No.

I awkwardly stumbled out of the confrontation, politely not making any promises. I drove away feeling used and confused.

Let me get this straight. Now that I am self-professed slut, you decide to ask me out? Thanks a lot, douchebag.

Oh yeah, also, let me spell it out for all you douchebags out there reading my blog. No, I am not interested in hooking up.

4 thoughts on “Sluts have feelings too

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  2. your blog makes me feel so much better as a person. was starting to believe that being slutty and liking sex was really a terrible horrible idea…

    yay! ❤

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