The mystery unfolds

Just like a good Nancy Drew mystery, the plot in the 2nd date romp thickens…

As previously posted, after a week  over pondering what this guy wants from me, I get a text. “Soooo…where you been…blah, blah. Been over this before in my last post. I tested him with a booty call response, and he never responded to it. So, I was left baffled.

Then…Friday comes along. He texts me. Wants to know if I am going to call him later. I am confused, so I tell him that.

“? I’m sorry, I thought your no response the other night meant you weren’t interested.”

His response, “Oops. Well, my night is still flexible.” I am again…confused. Was this a booty call after all?

I test him again. “Well, I won’t be home until after 9. What are you thinking?” He replies, “Call me when you’re done.”

I am bored, so when I get out of my movie, I text him. “I’m home, what now?” He calls me immediately.

He tells me the what now depends on what I’m up for. I have class in the morning, and I tell him I can’t stay out too long. He says, you know, I don’t want to keep you out too late, why don’t we just reschedule. Suddenly, he seems very sweet and caring. We reschedule for Tuesday. My booty call theory went out the window.


Tuesday afternoon comes, and he texts me “Tonight at 8?” I say that is fine. Again, at 7:30 he calls me. We haven’t made any plans. He tells me to come over. Okay, here we go into booty call territory again, I think.

I drive over, but as soon as I get there he comes out to meet me. He takes me on a walk and asks me how I’ve been, how my birthday was. I get cold, and he wraps his jacket around me. He takes me to a diner for dessert. He is very attentive to me, and cuddles up next to me. He compliments me on my clothing, exploring all the details about me and what I was wearing that night. He remembers what I wore last time. I warm up to him and his attentiveness, and feel something very genuine about him.

We eventually go back to his house, and…well, you know. But afterwards, he dotes on me, cuddles me, and plays his guitar and sings to me. We end up talking in bed for hours. I respond to his warmth by warming up to him, and take down my booty call defenses. I am starting to like this guy.

He wants me to stay over, but I opt for driving home at 2:00 in the morning. Now, I realize as I’m driving, it is me who is treating him like the booty call. What does he want from me? I’m still not sure, but I have a feeling this will not be the last time I see him.

I think about the differences in his actions via text versus in person. I may have actually stumbled on the last guy in this digital age who would prefer to talk to me than text me. He saved all of his attentiveness and warmth for our meeting. I still have not solved the mystery completely, but in the process I have unmasked (much like a Scooby Doo mystery) a genuinely warm, real live, man despite his lack of text messaging etiquette. Go figure.

Tell me what you think…have I just been wooed by a booty call mastermind, or does he sound genuine? My first-person role in this situation is clouding my judgment…

(I am also not in love with this person so say whatever you think!)

One thought on “The mystery unfolds

  1. This totally could have been a night in my life! I think he reverse-psychology’d you into setting up your own booty call… this guy is tricky! But he actually sounds like he might be a sweet guy, which, if you are anything like me means you will crush him and his tender little heart. Hope the hookup was good!

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