Mr. Best Yet (aka my future husband)

I have had many fruitless searches for ‘the one’ lately. I am getting tired. I have a checklist of the dates I’ve been on and how they rank according to the others. One moves up, the other moves down. Sometimes they switch places. But never is there one at the top, ‘the one’ that trumps all the rest. So, they all just juggle around in the spots according to how our last dates went. This is how it will go on…and on…and on.

Until one day I get tired. On this day, I will need to get laid so I choose the one who happens to be at the top right then. The best yet. There is no best. There is only the best yet. And he is it, and he gets laid. And possibly a relationship. This is how it will go. We will continue to see eachother and then one day realize we are in a relationship. Then one day he will propose to me and I will accept. Because there is not a best. And this is how I will end up with the best yet for the rest of my life.

settling for a man

2 thoughts on “Mr. Best Yet (aka my future husband)

  1. Aw, c’mon now… i think Mr. Best Yet can be useful… he can change your central air filter, install that detachable shower head that you’ve affectionately now named, “Bob” (your next new relationship… he he) – because, hey he always carries a roll of plumbers threading tape in his jacket pocket, and unplugs the vacuum hose that is now – let’s face it… just effing laughing at you and screaming, “ha ha ha, I WIN, Bitch”… Then he can be on his way… shortly after you proclaim that your dad was soooo impressed that he’s already drafted your prenup, which you “appears” to be in the file folder under your arm… But, hey, 3 chores checked off the list! (I swear – I’m a NICE girl!)

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