The Ex-Files part 2… The Finale

Just a quick word to finish off what I started in The Ex-Files part 1.

This morning, I ran into said EX. See footnote if you do not believe me.  Since my last encounter with him, I’ve been immersed in my recent online dating adventures. I have a few people I speak with on a regular basis. interactive romance novel.. I am slightly in love with. (hopefully that will not change next week)

Anyways, the point is that I have moved on. So, I see him today in the middle of my conversation with someone else. The image of him catches my eye while I am listening to this person’s story.

What would have happened a month ago: immediate loss of eye contact, struggling to get a better glimpse of him; restless and fidgety body language; abrupt, loud and inappropriately-timed responses in hopes that he could overhear and this would somehow make him jealous.

What did happen: a split-second loss of eye contact when I first caught the glimpse of him, then retained full eye contact; calm body language the entire conversation and my voice level and responses stayed consistent with the conversation I was involved with, which was barely above a whisper. I didn’t know and didn’t care where he was after the initial glimpse, I didn’t want him to overhear my conversation, and I didn’t care if he was jealous. I left without one thought about if it was driving him crazy to have seen me.

Therefore, I have deduced that I am no longer hung up on this Ex and so ends our saga.

For next time, I have discovered an easy (cowardly) way of dealing with moving on…find a new guy and fall madly in love with him. Madly in lust works as well.

Footnote: While it may be hard to believe I keep running into this Ex in such a huge city, I will give you some insight into the reason. I work at a University, and I met him here, luckily in another department. Despite such a large campus, there are only a few common eating areas so every once in awhile I happen to run into him.

One thought on “The Ex-Files part 2… The Finale

  1. Hoorah! It’s always lovely to have the chance encounter that doesn’t ruin your day!

    And yes – an easy out is finding someone new… but I always argue that you’re better off getting over it on your own! That being said – the distraction of online dating/dating in general without anything serious does wonders for those last steps.

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