Proof for a second chance in 2011

2011 is the year for second chances. Here is my scientific proof:

A New Year Eve party in Los Angeles with lots of drunk people. The NYC ball about to drop on the TV behind all of the dancing, alcohol-splashing drunks on the dance floor. No one except for the drunkest in the front can see the TV. The countdown begins. 10…9…8……..5…4…3…2…1…HAPPY NEW YEARS! *bzzzzt, bzzt!* goes the blowers *smooch smooch* goes the drunk girls looking for love.

But…what about all of those in the bathroom? Those drunkest of the drunk whose bladders are about to burst or those with their faces in the toilet after the sushi hour d’oeuvers and the belly full of vodka.
Well, in 2011 those drunks actually get a second chance. Shortly after the countdown, and everyone had finished their midnight rituals, the crowd begins the countdown began again. This time, we struggled for a view of the TV, and realized the countdown was actually happening at that moment.

A second chance for the party favors, a second chance for a kiss, and second chance for the drunks in the bathroom to participate. 2011 – a second chance for everyone. Or…maybe just a fluke caused by a lot of really drunk people who are too wasted to makes sense of a ball dropping and the numbers on the television screen. Whatever the cause, I am taking this as a good omen for the upcoming year…Happy New Year to all!

2 thoughts on “Proof for a second chance in 2011

  1. In 1999, a couple friends decided to initiate countdown early in the midst of such a rowdy crowd. Naturally, everyone joined in, despite the TV clearly showing the actual countdown had yet to begin.

    Needless to say – two countdowns/second chances that year. I can’t really remember what it meant for 2000… but I don’t remember that year being terrible… so I go with you! Good omen indeed1

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