I’m a big girl now

So after my ex and I broke up, I couldn’t seem to get a handle on doing things for myself. It is just so flipping easy to not have to think about certain things when you’re in a relationship. When we bought pain-in-the-ass puzzle pieces from Ikea, as if by magical elves in the night, I walked away for a few hours and when I came back, everythig was set up. When I needed air in my tires, I offered to make dinner and do the dishes while he took care of it. I didn’t even have to think about what was going on. So many things I chose not to learn while in my relationship, and never needed to learn…until now. All of those little chores that not only take time, turns out they cost a lot of money as well. Go figure.


Here is a list of questions I have recently been pondering:

Where do I get quarters to do the laundry?
And on the subject of laundry…who knew it cost that much??

What is an Allen wrench? Why can’t I just use a regular wrench? Why don’t I have a regular wrench?

How do I put a screw into drywall without creating a hole the size of my fist?

How the hell do I hang pictures straight? FYI – yes, all of the pictures in my house are crooked because I just gave up.

How do I unclog a drain? Is that how much drain unclogger liquid really costs?

I never remember having to fill up my gas tank this many times in a month…why does it have to be so damn expensive?

I never knew emptying the vacuum cleaner was so messy. (I know, not really a question)

Oh my god, my car is overheating…what the hell is a transmission and how do I open the hood before I burst into flames?

Where does the transmission fluid go?


So that being said, I have taken off my training wheels. Last weekend, I did my laundry for the first time at my own house, with my own money. And…I learned how to open the hood of my car and figured out where to put the transmission fluid. Either that, or I called AAA. I don’t really feel like admitting which one I did…BUT the laundry story is the truth.

Therefore, I’m a big girl now.

One thought on “I’m a big girl now

  1. …. Wait… I have to PAY for AIR for my tires… “eh, 50 pounds sounds about right – it’ll be longer before I have to do *that* again!” LOL So, been there.

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