Single girl’s guide to dating part 1

I will be presenting a multi-part feature that I will periodically blog about. The first part will be about online dating since I am about to embark on this scary adventure.

Single Girl’s Guide to Dating part 1 – Online Dating

So, this can be scary to just start. I resisted for so long because I always felt like it was a last resort. Like, have I really sunk this low?? But, promising stories from friends of friends (probably urban legends) have changed my attitude. So…here we go.

The key is to talk to them first. Start off with a friendly email chat, and weed out creeps before giving them your number (obviously). Then talk to them and text them extensively.

Here are some smart safety tips for online dating, thanks to Online Dating Magazine.

  • trust your gut instinct – use the email and phone conversations to assess this
  • don’t provide personal information too soon – this one seems obvious, but remember, there are many scammers and creepos out
  • going along hiding personal information, use a free, newly-created email account
  • really good tip – when giving a phone number, use a cell phone (they are not trackable) or even better, use Skype
  • ask for a recent photo, and preferably one taken on their camera phone
  • meet in a public place, and bring a friend or at least let a friend know before you go
  • NEVER let your guard down!

Additionally, I would like to add to ALWAYS drive separately. A good friend of mine prefers that her dates pick her up. I still check my milk cartons every morning for her face.

missing girl online dating milk carton

On the date, use all the traditional tips. Have an emergency call ready. And bail if you need to…out the bathroom window, whatever…this is the perfect situation to go for it.

If you like them, even if they are smoking hot, NO sex on the first date! This is super risky. Serious, possible serial killer scenarios we’re dealing with here.

Also, text or call your girlfriend standing by when you get home. Just so she knows you’re still alive.

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