Nice/Hot Scale

Like many other people, I was inspired after watching Barney’s Hot/Crazy scale on How I Met Your Mother. If you haven’t seen the video, you must watch it here first:

I started thinking about my own rating scale as well as my friends’ and realized that as we got older, we have given less emphasis on hotness and more on how nice the guy is. I thought about my recent hunts for guys and was shocked to remember that I automatically deducted points for the guys who were smoking hot. Somehow, I knew they were jerks. My super hot, tall, blonde, perfect body girlfriend who used to date only the hottest guys is now in a relationship with a co-worker who is by all standards not attractive, but the nicest guy you’ll ever meet. And treats her like a princess. And yes, he does have enough money to spoil her, but is not excessively rich.

Therefore, I have come up with my own scale called the hot/nice interaction as a function of age.

nice/hot men scale - how i met your mother

As a result of creating this graph, I have found the perfect age to find the perfect combination in a man. As the graph illustrates (because we know it tells the truth), the perfect age to find the perfect man is in your 30’s. It seems to make sense because you’ve allowed the hotness requirement to loosen slightly, but not dip too low while the niceness requirement is not asshole but not kissing your feet. Because even though that sounds ideal, we all know that would get old really quick. So, there you go…mystery solved. Now I have to go find myself the perfect man 😉

3 thoughts on “Nice/Hot Scale

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    • Aww..thanks! Just when I think I want to be done writing this blog and go MIA for a month, someone like you comes along!! 🙂 Plus one of my favorite people in the world’s name is Jenn too!!

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