Single girl’s survival for Halloween

Luckily for me, I am newly single right before Halloween, which is something I am looking forward to because single girls rule the night on Halloween. The only bad thing about Halloween is that all the holidays that are worst for singles are right around the corner. Let me just digress for a minute and complain about how much I am dreading the next few months. Being single is the worst after Halloween…who am I going to spend thanksgiving with…who is going to buy me presents for Christmas…and my birthday…who will I kiss at midnight for New Years…and let’s not even start with Valentine’s Day…so for one night I am going to have the time of my life as a newly single girl.

Here are just a few of the perks of being single on Halloween:

There will be no one constantly nagging me about how slutty my outfit is and that I probably shouldn’t drink or even dance because I will most likely expose myself. For once, I can dress like a complete hooker if I want and get all the attention I crave completely guilt free.

There will be no “couples” costumes this year. Your costume will not have to be man-approved or nixed because he wants to wear matching outfits, which usually lean towards the masculine side since he doesn’t want to dress girly. No more gangsters, star wars, or superheroes (unless you want to). Or even worse, really lame ones such as Mickey and Minnie like my poor friend got suckered into this year. Just whatever your heart desires…Lady Gaga? Snookie? Why not!?!

Here are a few ideas now that you have nothing holding you back:

Lady gaga crime scene

Definetely don’t want to cross the yellow tape

Lady Gaga Meat Costume

Inspired by the Primal Diet?

Lady Gaga's frog outfit

Maybe she should really make a statement and use live frogs next time

Disclaimer: some of these costumes will NOT help you find a man, but will be fun to watch how fast people run from you!


my goal for this Halloween is to dress slutty enough to find a good (rich) man to spend the dreaded upcoming gift giving holidays with. Is that so much to ask??

Now…what to wear…

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